I love shooting weddings!

I've recently decided to start shooting more weddings, I really enjoy spending time connecting with couples as they prepare for their wedding days. 

There are some great weddings happening every day and I want to be involved. It's so important to treat this day as the most professional guest in the room. I laugh, cry and eat all the  canapés on the day. I want people to walk away with images that they truly love just as much as I do. 

Much love as always. 


The hardest part of being a photographer.

Something I have been thinking about recently is why is it so hard to get work as a photographer? 

I work really hard to get the work coming in, I email and email and email not because I want to but as that's my markets main way of contact. If I'm honest, I can't stand it! I love talking to people in a face to face environments. So by sending an email, it seems so impersonal and I get that there's way to break those barriers but for me words will never match that face to face contact. 

I would love to hear other ways that you all connect, maybe we should start some sort of internet dating for professionals. Not for our own personal lives, but more to fulfill our professional working relationships. 

Just a thought, 

Much love as always. 



A step to far for Insta?

As I sit eating an omelette and listening to Drake, it's Thursday midday and I'm still racking my brain on how I can work out this new Instagram update. 

I spend a lot of time working on how I perform on Insta, I watch most stories from my followers I comment back and I have active conversations with everyone that talks to me. Yet I have lost 75% interaction on my posts. The guys over at LATER say that I need to be pushing the IGTV and stories more, but as a photographer should I be creating a video to push my stills work? 

I also heard that if you have a business account, than Insta will want you to pay for posts, once again, that's not confirmed, but it wouldn't surprise me as the dark cloud of Facebook lingers over the social media world even more. 

I'm thinking of finding some of bot or "naughty techniques" just to keep up engagement. It's not something I want to do, but if Insta is allowed to change the rules then why can't I change the way I play? 

Finally, what's everyones thoughts on VeroDayflash, Stellar or Swng? Should we all be moving away from Insta to let them know we're not happy! 

Maybe I will just Vlog full time post it all on insta! Has anyone watched my YouTube Vlogs yet? I have a new one planned and this time I'm not going to stop making them! 

Oh and if you don't follow me on Instagram follow me here and we can be friends!! 

Much love, as always