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keeping fit is essential when you're a photographer.

So for the last week I have been close to bed ridden due to a very bad back, the doctor reckons it's due to carrying heavy loads for prolonged amours of time. I carry a very heavy camera bag on back, when I mean heavy it would give the boys in the Royal Marines a run for their money. 

It's essential that you work some fitness and exercise into your weekly routine, if you manage to get up and work on emails, contact, your website and play with your social media, you can definitely put in a couple of hours a week of exercise. 

What you really need to work at is your core strength. It's your back, abs and pelvic muscles, that you need to look at by simply googling core strengthening exercises you can get some great work outs that will help you keep your body nigh and fit. 

Apart from the obvious reason of keeping yourself physically fit, there are more then one reason, imagine being booked for a great photography job for your biggest client yet and a couple of hours before you meal over on the floor with a bad back. That not only hurts you physically but also professionally and financially. So a couple hours a week can really help your work out. 

I gave my old mate Will Bremridge a hand last week and he was kind enough to shoot me a profile picture. Cheers Will! 

Profile picture.

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