Portrait photographer in London


2015, I've never been so keen.

So as we work our way through the first month of a new year and I promise to try and blog more, I thought that sunday evenings would be the best time to finally sit and write an entry.  

I've had a small redesign of the website, adding a splash page and lowering the size of the images which means the website runs a lot faster. I don't normally class website tampering as a job but more of a break/playtime but in this case it was a big job.

Do give me your thoughts, it's always nice to get feedback.(However good or bad) 

I know shoot headshots for a London based company, it's actually good fun and very different from what I'm used to. I've messed up a couple of times learning to shoot a lot cleaner images. The corporate world like there images to be very simple and very clean, I'm getting there with it tho. 

I would say my big news is that I'm undertaking two huge projects. Both projects involve working with a large amount of celebrities, which is not the main reason for the project but will hopefully bring it a lot of exposure. (Excuse the pun) I'm hoping at the end of a project we can hold an exhibition and invite everyone back to see their images. 

Hopefully a London venue will let us host a party and we can create something magical. 

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