Portrait photographer in London


Well I'm back from NYC.

Hi all,

So as my previous blog post explained I was heading off to New York for the month of September. I've been. I survived and now I'm back. What an amazing place that city is, truly it blew my mind.

So much so, that I've decided to apply to move out there.

I shot a lot less than I thought I would. Over the course of the month, I shot about once a week, which for me is a lot less than when I'm in the UK. The shoot's I did where great and were actually really exciting, I was a little annoyed with myself that I didn't get so much done but I felt like that because I'm coming back there's no rush.

The shoots I did where for McSorely's ale house, Bronx Brewery, Port Morris distillery and Tatscru, I will put a mixture of these images below with some more generic images of from NYC.