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How's FREE65 doing?

I'm a few weeks into my new project and I think I'm doing okay. I'm working hard and I've only had a few days where not much has been done work wise. I knew that I had to take those as they come so, I'm fairly happy with where I am. 

I've managed to set up several meetings with potential clients and I'm firing off those emails more than ever. I have found the momentum dropping slightly last week, but I still managed to get up to London for a full day of work at The Wework and then another day where I had a meeting and went and worked at the office as well. 

This week I have another meeting and I'm going to try and pop into my pal Dylan's office for a day to work. I need to send him a message.

Overall, I'm happy that things are moving, It's a constant fight being a freelancer. I've either got to go 100% or find something new. 

We shall see. 

Much love, as always


Be kind.


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