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Going for coffee in the morning.

Most mornings I go for coffee, When I say most I'm talking 6/7 days a week. 

Now I go through periods where I don't drink a single cup of coffee because of my anxiety levels and then other times I can't get enough. For me, getting up and going for coffee is more than just the caffeine fix. On a side note the mood stabilisers I take, leave me a little groggy in the mornings and the coffee helps lift that. It's more of me making my way to work, as I normally spend most of my time in the house stuck at my desk. 

While I'm finding a new found love for the grind of getting the work in and writing invoices and all the other admin, it's nice to get out of the house. I've said before how important it is for me to talk to people and that human connection so it's my daily dose of humans served up with a three shot latte. 

With my mental health and I think as a freelancer routine is key, something to break up the day and give you the same that purpose as getting the tube at 7.55am, it sets the tempo for the day. 

So most days I get up, get dressed, jump in the car and go down to Villiers coffee in Bushey. Recently I've started to use this first hour or so to write this blog, reply to emails and have a little chat with the staff and locals. 

I think it's really easy as a freelancer to get lazy, get up later and not get dressed. Maybe have breakfast at 11am then you're watching Netflix by 2pm and the day is done. 

So that's why I get up for coffee, it's my morning routine. 

If you have any morning routines, things that you do as a freelancer to start your day. I'd love to hear from you. Also once again if you have any comments or views on what I've put together here please let me know. 

Much love, as always


Be Kind. 

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