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Should I be selling prints?

So on Wednesday I was hanging out with Dylan Nolte Who's also a photographer based not far from me. I was telling him that some of his work would probably be suitable for prints and that he should be selling them on his website.

This got me thinking if it's something I should be doing and I've been thinking about the idea ever since? I could shoot some more abstract work and have a gallery where you could buy such prints. I don't think there's much market for my portraits, but some of the images I've shot for my Instagram I could turn into prints. 

I would only do this if I could find a printing company that would handle the printing and shipping for me so it would give me more time to shoot. It would also mean it wouldn't take up much of my normal photography work. 

This would actually fit in really well with Vlogging and also the blogs. It would be a great excuse to travel around the UK and take walks around London or maybe day trips to areas I wouldn't normally go.   

I would try and shoot some form of street photography and have an abstract twist to it. I think I would even try and shoot film for it, so they would have a little more thought process behind them. I do have those two Bronica's that would be good for it or even my old Leica. Just a thought process currently, so who knows.

Would be great to hear your thoughts and if you have any experience with selling prints then please let me know. Once again and I say it every time. I LOVE HEARING FROM YOU GUYS!!! 

Much love, as always. 


Be kind. 

Would you buy this as a print? 

Would you buy this as a print? 

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