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Dealing with difficult clients.

This could be an unpopular post for potential clients, But I think it's vital information for those starting out in the world of freelancing. In the creative world we have two types of people, those who are paid for their 9-5's and those who are paid per job (a freelancer) As a freelancer we have up's and down's when it comes to cash flow sadly it's inevitable. This week I have had two different on going issues. 

The first was with a huge PR company who's payment to me was late, The first thing to do is send a polite email and chase. I did this and the payment was sent the next day to me. Perfect! The main thing here is nothing became nasty and the business relationship was not affected and I will keep on shooting for this company! 

The second is ongoing and unfortunately doesn't seem to be getting resolved anytime soon. It's hugely important to know your rights and where you stand legally with any job you do. I have asked for payment from this client twice and due to them not being cooperative. So my next step is to send them one final email asking for them to make payment or my next action will be legal. I really do hate doing this, but it's unfair to be left out of pocket. 

Any good client who values your skill and knowledge will be easy and make payment those who don't will always give you the run around.

I urge any freelancer to know the law and their rights, in my case as a freelance photographer, I am an accountant, legal advice, website designer and social media expert all rolled up into one. It's up to me to know the most about everything I do. If you don't have the head for it make friends with people who are more skilled at the back end stuff. You can even do a skill swap, maybe they need photos for their website or a corporate headshot that needs updating. Offer that as a payment if you can't afford the legal fee's.

If you have any ongoing problems and would like some help, please feel free to email me at info@twistyimages.com I'm no lawyer but hell I will help if I can. Once again, I would also love to hear your thoughts and if you have any advice you'd like me to share then please get in touch. 

Much love, as always. 


Be kind.