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Happy easter everyone! 

So something that is really important to me is collaborating, I love being involved with different issues and causes. I don't want to come across big headed but I have a talent with a camera and if I can use that to help out with different things then I think that's really important. I will also be really honest and say that I don't collaborate enough. 

I think as a photographer it's really important to be always trying to shoot something, it's a craft that needs constant development to stay relevant, while some work can stay timeless 80% of work can look dated within a few years. I know have a list of different ideas that I want to try, different lighting styles and even different camera's to create work. 

Collaborating should always be 100% beneficial to all creatives involved, nothing should be for profit and if money becomes involved at a later stage you should receive some sort of kick back. 

Working for free or collaborating?

Now I don't believe anyone should work for free but what's the difference between that and collaborating? Working for free is when a person or company contact you with regards to working for them and don't pay you. This is something that happens way too much these days, with sayings like "great for your portfolio" or "great way to gain experience" being used. That company will probably gain from you taking images for them. 

Now sometimes being paid might not be about actual money. It could be about exposure or getting a chance at something bigger. Which can be a way to network and get a chance to gain contacts. For instance, if Ed Sheeran contacted me and say "could you take a couple of snaps of me and I will post them on my social media with a link to your website and I will chuck in some nice tickets to my next show?" you bet your bottom dollar I'm doing it. I'd do this for a couple of reasons, firstly I'm a huge Ed fan and to meet and hang out would be great. Also Ed has 21.3 million followers on Instagram, that's great exposure. But for me to do this, I'd want to  be able to meet who was supporting him for a quick shoot, I'd would also want be maximise my exposure from it with a blog and vlog to support my shoot. Imagine if Ed Sheeran asked his fan's to subscribe to my YouTube channel, that could be a game changer to what I do across YouTube! 

Now, that example is the biggest a collaboration could be and I would also make sure that the images weren't being used to make money like a cover of his next album. 

Just my thought on what working for free and collaborating. If you've you had any good or bad experiences with collaborating or working for free then I'd love to hear from you! Drop me a an email info@twistyimages.com 

Also be sure to check out my vlog with Jake Tyler, it's a gooden

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