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Another year, another promise to write more here.


So it's valentines day 2018 and my last blog entry was nearly a year ago, there's a very simple reason for this. I HATE WRITING BLOG POSTS! Infact, I hate writing in general. Mainly because I have dyslexia and if I'm honest I don't like doing things I'm not very good at.

What a turbulent year it was, I had some incredible highs and some horrific lows both in my personal and professional aspects.

I have moved house and been on a small path to self discovery, helping myself to become a better human and hopefully a better photographer. I have also started shooting video, mainly for Youtube but with the idea of being capable of shooting video for clients if needed. I want the vlogging to reach a point where clients want to hire me because of the exposure from vlogging also.

I am working with a couple of Mental Health charities, something that's become very close to my heart and something that has become important due to the last year.

I managed another 2 weeks in NYC. That place is truly home for me. I managed to surprise Dan (the guy who was my Air bnb originally) so that was pretty cool. I planning another month out there later this year. The idea of moving there is always at the front of mind but I suppose the current set up in the UK is as close to perfect as I'm going to get.

So here comes another promise to blog more and write down my journey. I truly do want to do it but I have a great time with task avoidance when I put "write blog post" in the planner. SO let's not call it a promise and let's say, I'm gonna try a little harder.

Please if you have the time check out my you tube channel and watch my videos, any feedback is more than welcome and it's a great way to connect with others so if you make videos or Vlog then please let me know, I'm always looking to collaborate.


Much love, stay kind 


A recent portrait from a corporate headshot shoot. 

A recent portrait from a corporate headshot shoot.