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Hanging out with Jake Tyler

Happy Easter everyone, 

I hope you're all spending time with your family and friends and consuming a ton of chocolate! I just wanted to tell you all about my good old mate Jake. Jake like me has depression and in some of his darkest days he found that movement (exercise) is a great way to challenge that and stopping things getting as bad as they could. 

Jake set off about 15 months ago for a walk, but not any old walk, but a 3000 mile walk around the UK. He called it Black dog walks and it became something much larger than I think he or anyone could have imagined. 

Now at the end, Jake is settling back into civilian life and now that he's back from a one month trip to India he's ready to work. With many projects tucked away in the pipeline and everyone wanting two minutes of his time, I think we will all be seeing a lot more of him. 

Jake has a new podcast that he's going to be starting and although I can't say too much at the moment but It sounds absolutely awesome. 

So here we are at easter and I'm winding things down a little be sure to check Jake out and if you got the time to watch his Tedx talk from Brighton last year, do!! You can find him on all the usual social media suspects @blackdogwalks

Happy Easter everyone, chat soon

Much love, as always. 


Be Kind. 

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