Portrait photographer in London


How I got into photography.

I get asked this question all the time and it only made sense to write it up and hopefully explain to the few of you who read this. 

When I was 16/17 I turned my back on the education to become an estate agent of all things, at the time I thought this was a great idea. Turns out I hated being stuck in a suit in an office more than I disliked being in education. Desperate to find my way out of the office and into something more rewarding I found myself looking into college courses. This was later in the year, so places on courses where starting to be filled and not much was left. 

I walked into the nearest college to me at the time, West Herts in Watford. Suited and booted actually on my lunch break from the day job. I asked what courses were left to choose from and to a bit of luck and slight desperation there was an FD media course. This was a one year course studying photography, moving image, interactive media and the history of. I sat the interview there and then with no portfolio and completely blagged my way through it.

I went back to the job and pretty much quit on the spot. 

September rolled around and I was on my course, the first few days where the normal rubbish of sorting things out and working out where everything was. It was a Thursday afternoon in the photography studio that my life changed forever. In walked Simon Emmett  and my jaw hit the floor. I fell in love with photography that second and knew this is something I want to pursue. After one hour of falling in love with photography, I walked straight up to Simon Emmett and asked to assist him. He said yes and I was in. 

After three years of college and assisting Simon and various photographers, I decided to go to Uni to carry on the education. While I don't regret going to uni, I do think I did the wrong course. I knew what I was doing with a camera, I had developed my style and was working on a portfolio. I really do wish that I had studied business and marketing or something along those lines. 

I would say that's the best bit of advice I could give to anyone going to uni, Is make sure you're doing a course you need to do. I didn't need to do photography, I needed to do business and marketing. I probably would be more successful now. 

So that is how I got into photography, a bit of a roller coaster I know but interesting none the less. 

Much love, as always


Be kind.