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I’m now shooting more test shoots!

That’s right. I’ve decided to open the doors and shoot more tests. What does this mean? I’m basically shooting for free in return to get more exposure. This can either be with a brand who’s looking for a photographer and I’m genuinely interested in their brand or a model who has a cool idea and we can work together for a collaboration.

While I’m going to be really selective on this, I’d love to do one a week for the foreseeable future. Failing that two a month would still be ideal as long as they’re cool shoots.

Some of the ideas I’ve had?

  1. A motorbike rider flying down a leafy road with flash while I’m hanging out the back of a car. So we can stay real close to each other.

  2. Two female joggers running through central London. This is more of a lifestyle piece.

  3. Skateboarders let’s talk! I’d love to shoot something at a skate park. I want it to have more an art feeling than just some kick flips.

  4. Anyone who does a cool manual trade like a carpenter. I’d love to photograph you making something lots of wooden textures.

  5. Chefs! Let’s get in that kitchen and cook with attitude. Slow motion of food being tossed, flames and strange angles of food being plated.

  6. A little more beauty is needed in my portfolio. Studio based close up with some great poses. (Maybe see if we can find a jewelry brand involved)

The last thing I’m looking to do more of is shoot more headshots. So I’m offering 10 free actors headshots. These will be stylish and slightly different, but with a gorgeous look! I promise!

If you’ve got anything you’d like to shoot that’s along the same vibe, then please get in touch. Even if your idea is a little odd or different I’d love to hear it.

So what else is going on? I’m thinking of planning a trip to LA. A couple of people have recently said that they think my style and methods would work great out there? What is a great month to go out and take a look, I want a nice warm season, but not boiling because if I am going to be along a load of photo gear around all the time. A bit like New York in September (my favourite month in my favourite place)

Get in touch with the form below, let me know what you’re thinking!

Much love as always


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