Portrait photographer in London


#Newyork trip in September.

So I've booked flights to go off to New York for the whole of September. It's something I wanted to do for years and now I'm going.

It is not going to be a completely relaxing holiday though as I'm planning to shoot loads while I'm out there. Ideally I would also like to arrange some meetings with some agencies while I'm out there too, I'm going for a month so I should have time to meet with everyone I wish to.

While I'm out there, I would like to shoot a project on police officers and I think I will be contacting a couple of papers in England to see if they would be interested in such images. I suppose I could even write a piece about what American officers have been through in recent years.

The amount of projects I could while there is unlimited and I really want to push myself to come back with loads of extra work for my portfolio. You never know it could lead to me being hired and flown out to the U.S for work in the future.

I think the key to success with this is to plan everything out so I know what Iā€™m doing. There's no reason why I can do that now and make all the relevant connections before I even land.

While I'm out there, I also want to go and do some more normal tourist activities, like go to a basketball game and go and see some the Statue of Liberty. Cheesy I know but I think America comes with a certain level of Cheese.

I know I will be talking about this trip a lot more over the next 5 months before I go and I would like to run a daily blog while I'm there. 

Image owned and taken by Hilary Fox 

Image owned and taken by Hilary Fox