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Should I keep Vlogging?


Thanks for tuning in for another blog post. It's really nice to see my analytics going up and I'm completely blown away that some of my blog posts have over a hundred views. Coming from a dyslexic I never thought it would be possible to write something worth while, especially that other people would actually read. 

As some of you also know I also try to vlog, something I really enjoy doing, but I'm not going to lie I've already lost the steam for it. It's great fun and all but it's tons of work for not a huge amount of a return. Where as I can write a blog post that would take me an 45 minutes and get the same amount of views on that.

The number one rule for making content for YouTube is make sure you keep going and post regular good content. I manage to take my camera out and film stuff, but it's the editing I can't be bothered to do. A good edit can take me up to 3/4 hours to get it good enough for YouTube. I also can become a bit of a perfectionist and will over obsess the small bits of detail. 

I did watch a Vlog yesterday by Peter Mckinnon and it blew my mind! I was inspired to start again, but then the fire dies when I actually get round to it. Saying that watching Peter's vlog that I will link below is just pure genius and to be as 5th as competent as him would be amazing! I really do like that guy's style and editing skills! 

So for me, I think it's about working out if I'm ready to push myself to create great content and be consistent with the posting of vlogs

I started doing them as I love the idea of being able to create my own content and there were no major rules with what I could do! If I wanted to sit and talk to a camera or make silly parodies the choice was mine and mine alone. I also like the idea of using the vlogs to help grow my photography as it would hopefully give my clients an insight into my way of working. I also thought if I ever reached a high level of subscribers it would also bring potential new clients to my door. How better to show them how I work hen they can basically see me do it? 

So this is a shout out to anyone who has any thoughts on my vlogs, if you'd like to check them out please swing over to my YouTube channel and take a look. Please comment below and tell me if you have any ideas or thoughts! It's always good to hear from you guys! 

My YouTube channel can be found here. 

Make sure you watch the video below, it's awesome! 

Much love, As always.


Be Kind. 

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