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For years, I have been attempting to get stuff done and always manage to forget something. I recently started writing lists of what I wanted to do, but this had its drawbacks as I couldn't plan ahead. On Tuesday I sucked it up and when and bought a diary, it's the best £6.99 I've spent in a long time. Now I know it's only been a couple of days, but I can already feel that I'm getting so much completed. 

One of the hardest things to do is as a freelancer is to plan out what you want to do over your working day or week. As well as photography I look after another business which has become a lot easier when I'm planning out my work load. 

I had in the past tried to use apps like reminders, diary pro and recently I tried a cool new app called Handle. They all work perfectly, but there is something a lot more satisfying about actually crossing something off with a pen. 

Everything we do as photographers these days is mainly digital, we shoot digitally, we edit digitally, we post our images onto our websites and we speak out via blogs like this one online. To slow it down and actually write something holds more meaning in todays fast paced society. This probably is the reason why I feel more compelled to complete what's on the list. 

Maybe I should try this with other parts of my photography, shoot some medium format film or reprint my physical portfolio. 

I recently photographed Clement Marfo at the Sugar Cane Studios in Wandsworth, it was amazing to watch him perform and rehearse with his band and backing vocals. I will release all the images once they are completed, but for now, here's a quick edit of one of the images I shot. 

Clement Marfo at Sugar Cane Studios 

Clement Marfo at Sugar Cane Studios 

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