Portrait photographer in London


What happened last week?

Happy Monday everyone! 

I'm really starting to love Monday's! Gary Vee, has taught me that if you dread Monday's then you're probably in the wrong job! 

So after a week of writing blogs daily I suddenly disappeared last week, I hadn't given up on the blogs again, far from it. I was just so busy travelling, shooting and even assisting that I was just a little too busy to put it down into words. 

The week started really well, I was on the emails and making contacts on Monday, I even finished another Vlog. Another one should be coming out today. It was due Friday, I will explain why it wasn't. Tuesday I had to swing up to Aldgate East and buy a couple of bits of equipment. Then I went to Katie's Wework, I sent a ton of emails and connected with some great people on LinkedIn. 

Wednesday I was assisting, something I don't normally do, but a friend of mine needed someone to cover. It was actually great to see another photographer putting something together, although very strange that I was not in charge. Funnily enough, I found myself stopping every now and then to ask questions because I didn't have to make the decision. After that shoot I had to swing straight to the Shard in Central London to cover an event. I was 30 floors up and really enjoying what I do. It was a great event and the client was amazing. 

Thursday I was finally back shooing with Katie again. I really do enjoy working with her, she has a vision that rivals some of the biggest clients I've worked with. We were in a studio up in central London and the flow was amazing. I was surrounded by four incredible women and to top everything off It was International Womens day, what a perfect way to spend it. I see Katie again tomorrow, so we will get to go through the images then. 

Friday I was pooped.