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My mental health and my career.

For someone who built this website for potential clients to see, I don't know whether this is such a good idea or not. Today I'm going to talk about my mental health and my career.

So as some of you know I suffer from depression, I have been diagnosed for about a year, but I can now see that it was probably age 12/13 when I first became ill. Now why this is not difficult for me to write about as I'm very open about my mental health. I do find this process unnerving to be writing it all out for it to be read.

Being a photographer is hugely personal. My work is a reflection of who I am and when someone doesn't like it. I feel that they don't like me. I meet plenty of people who often praise my work and tell me how talented I actually am. While I know that is something people say to each other it does give you a little lift. I can't talk about other photographers, but I have a tendency to feel more accepted, when I get praise for my work.

For me photography is a body that I use to feed my desire for human connection. This is easily seen through my portraits. I'm massively into talking to my subjects and finding that connection before we take any photos. I always like to spend 5/10 mins having a conversation before pointing a camera at anyone.

One of the worst bits about being freelance is the working from home. I know that's hard for some to understand. It can be a luxury at times, especially if you've been very busy and you're not willing to get up. It's very easy to let the emails in bed, turn into Netflix at lunch though.

It's also very lonely.

In the winter months, my work space at home can be bleak, grey and horrible. It's in a window and the means it reflects the outside world. For me, this starts a cycle of doing less like not getting dressed, not showering, not eating and all those small things. It brings my mental Health into a not so great place.

To challenge this, I'm not using a Wework in central London at least once a week. I'm also using coffee shops as they give me that human connection I need. The plan is to finally get an office up at the Wework so I can be surrounded a lot more. I'm just trying to keep my expenses down at the moment. It's kind of a big investment.

I also like to arrange work days with other freelancers, where we take it in turn going to each others house to work. This is cool as it doesn't cost a thing, but yet you still have someone holding you accountable for what you get done in the day.

If you have any great idea that allows you to get more work done or you'd like to hang out and have a work day. Feel free to get in contact.

Much love, as always.


Be Kind.