Portrait photographer in London


I've been a bit busy.

Through the whole of March and April I was writing blog posts like I was firing a machine gun, they were popping out 3/4 times a week. I thought great I had finally cracked the blogging game and I can now get on with making video also. 

While I don't want to say that I failed it was not so easy for the 29yr old dyslexic to keep up. If I'm completely honest, I just became really busy. Busy with work and what some would call the side hustle. 

So what am I doing these days? I hear you crying in your millions!! 

  1. Obviously photography, that won't change I don't think. I'm happy with the amount of work I'm pulling in, could be more but it could always be more. 
  2. I've officially become a partner in a clothing line, it's small and there's a ton of work. I have two clever partners so I'm hoping we can pull through and have this amazing brand that will be supporting mental health charities. I'm not going to say to much about this as we're at a very fragile stage trying to work out where to go from here. 
  3. I now handle all the social media for the cereal killers in London. I work at building content, handling any social media inquires and then find ways to promote the business through social media. 
  4. Boring job 
  5. Boring job 

So yes, I now work five jobs. I work hard and I'm doing it for several different reasons. I want to get a motorbike (I've been about this for years) I want a new car and most importantly I want to clear my debts. 

When I became poorly last year, I didn't care too much about the money I was spending and ran myself into debt. If I'm honest, I was planning on being around to pay those debt's so I didn't really care. Now, though, I am caring and I need to clear those debt's. 

So that's a little insight to where I am and what's been going on, Lets try and do this weekly! 

Much love as always