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Why can't I get more of your attention?

Hey everyone!

I’ve been trying so hard to push attention and people to my website and to meet with me! Am I doing something wrong? If so, then please tell me so I can correct it.

I’ve sent emails, ran paid ad-word campaigns, paid Instagram campaigns, paid Facebook campaigns and anything else I can think of? And yet I just get enough work. I want to be out shooting 3/4 days a week, not 1/2 days, so how can get busier?

This is a genuine call for help, I’m not just creating a blog post moaning about my work load. I’m asking you guys and the universe for help. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

I’m currently working through a list of every agency I could find in London and I’m using hunter.io to help me get the emails so that I can make contact, maybe I’m just emailing them sounding like a robot. It’s weird as I’ve met with a good few of them and we’ve really connected but the connection never materialises into anything greater.

Like I said, I’m not moaning as I’m determined as ever to crack the nut, but I’m just a little confused. How do I get busier?

Oh, I’m going to start doing cool TFP shoots again (TFP means Time For Print, Basically a free shoot for coverage) I’m going to write a blog post about this for next week and I will fill you all in about that then.

I’ve added a form below if you’ve got any ideas, It doesn’t record your name or email unless you type it in. So if you don’t want me to know you’re sending me a message then don’t worry.


Much love as always


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