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Two days done.

It's a snowy Wednesday morning here in Hertfordshire and I've already done the first two days of my new project. Monday I organised myself and put together another Blog with a Vlog. I sorted out old invoices and anything that was holding me back. I put together a collection of images that I will be posting across Instagram and social media for the next few weeks. 

Projecting work outwards will help potential new clients see what I'm capable of. 

Yesterday was a very exciting day as I went into my friend Katie's Wework in Moorgate. It was nice to get out of the house and work in a more professional setting for a day. I'm going to try and get up there at least once a week. 

It's funny how being round more grow up adults who are working hard, makes you feel like you need to do the same. Today is the day it becomes more of a test as I'm stuck at home and will probably be tempted to lay on the bed and work. That would count as failing this day, harsh but fair with me I think. 

Working from home means you can find plenty of jobs to help me avoid doing any actual work. I spent twenty minutes arguing with the builders this morning. They've put a temporary pedestrian crossing right outside my house, it's a car crash waiting to happen. 

Today I'm going to organise to film a vlog tomorrow, write a blog post and send some emails to potential new clients and edit a little video for Katie. I'm also going to find some other bloggers who I can guest write for and organise some test shoots to help build public awareness of my work. 

So here's to cracking on with Day 3 of the project FREE65 

Much love, as always 


Be kind, 

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