Portrait photographer in London


Another week, another chance.

Monday morning has rolled around and I'm sitting back in the coffee shop. I have the diary open and I'm planning my free time for the week. Organisation is key to my project. This week is a little tricky in the sense of planning as I have one shoot booked, One day assisting (We will talk about that later) and potentially another shoot booked for Wednesday. 

I also want to get up to Katie's Wework again, I'm looking to do that tomorrow.

My only problem is that Alfie will be home alone all day, This means I have to get up earlier to walk the dog before shooting off for the day. 

Monday's are a day I love, I'm normally knackered because I have a side job that I do on Sunday's but it's also a great chance to get stuff done. I'm slightly excited to get up and get going. 

I will never understand people who live for the weekend and dread Monday morning. I think you have the wrong career if you absolutely hate Mondays. 

In this world, people we have two things work and family, let me explain why. 

  • Family is pretty easy to explain, this is the friends and family you place around yourself. It can be that friend who've you known for 20 years or it can be that auntie you phone once a month to tell all your worries too. We can include friends as family when we know that no matter what, they've got each others back. It's pretty simple. 
  • Work, Now this is a little more complicated, but let me try and explain. Work is who we are, what we do and how we survive. Ever since the first coin's were used, working has been a seriously important thing. Through work it gives us a place in society and gives us a reason to get out of bed. Work is who we are, work is everything really. 

It's just about working out the balance, something I don't know about yet. 

Tell me what you think about that, I always love hearing back from you guys. I'm going to crack on now, I have more emails to send! 

Much love, as always


Be kind.